Our Goals

Focus on patient and quality honesty Loyalty passion work as one team Empowerment

Our Message

To be a benchmark for excellence in home care services in the Kingdom and the Gulf region by 2020.

Our Vision

Advanced telemedicine technology integrates with home healthcare services to promote patient-centered care provided in the community.

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Arabian Medical Cure Co.

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Shifa  is a company that specializes in providing home health care services in Saudi Arabia, providing home-based quality care and the latest technology. It involves the provision of specialized home health services provided by qualified nurses, physiotherapists and home health assistants working in collaboration with doctors and specialists


The target population is individuals who need nursing and medical treatment that can be delivered safely in the home environment from newborn to old age. They will be guided through the following clinical programs

Pregnancy Tracking Program

Elderly Care Program

Acute care program

General Nursing Care Program

Palliative care program

Hypnosis program at home

Arabian Medical Cure Co.

Home health care services

Providing care for patients in the home based on quality and the latest matched technology

A multidisciplinary team approach of patient-centered care
Provide specialized home care by specialist physicians.
24 hours service to receive patient inquiries for support and advice from doctors.
Case management approach to preventive health care.
Take advantage of the latest technology in medical care and nursing services.
Access to the medical response center for e-health / consulting services
Our Team

Medical Shifa is based on distinguished individuals in the field of health care

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