Simple E-Commerce Marketing Plan Equals More Than $100,000


If I told you that you will gain more than $100,000 in the first year if you write only one article a week and more than $500,000 in the second year.

Will you execute this?

In this article, I will guide you to a simple marketing plan which you can use to grow up your online store from 0 to 50,000 visits per month within 12 months only.

Simply you will search on the internet seriously and keep writing at least one article a week, and for more confirmation also to be sure you should make some activities to get some e-links for your online storeand the rest Google site will care about as these articles and links will make you appear in the search results by the words that you target.

Don’t believe that this number of visiting on your online store will gain you more than $500,000, do you?

There is nothing trusted more than the language of numbers, let’s do some calculations to prove that and I will show you how I could define this value exactly.

  1. To reach from 0 to 50,000 visits per month I assumed that I will get a total number of visits 100,000 for the first year.
  2. If the number of visits goes on in the second year with 50,000 visits per month, then the total number of visits within 12 months will be 600,000 visits.
  3. The conversion rate for an online store using content marketing as the main way for marketing is 2.9%, the average for a store that doesn’t use content marketing is 0.5% and the general average of online store conversion ratio is 2% and so if we choose 2% to be our assumption that’s mean that we will get 12000 new client, which means that 2% of our visitors changed to clients to buy items from my store.
  4. The analytics indicate to the average purchase value for one client is $100 and this means also the continuous purchase value for each client as he will buy from my store more than once and that’s known for “Customer Lifetime Value”, and let’s be more cautious here and assume that the value is only $50 because your store is still new.
  5. With a simple calculation we can extract that we can gain $100,000 in the first year and $600,000 in the second year, and this with the assumption of some of the clients who bought in the first year would buy again in the second year.

So why doesn’t everybody do this, the following reasons explain the little number who succeeded in executing this simple plan

  1. Ignorance: most of the people who enter this world, the world of E-commerce without any knowledge or real efforts to know this world.
  2. Lack of commitment: I guess after you read this plan now you are extremely excited to start execution now and that’s cool, but keeping on this exciting that’s called the commitment until you force yourself to do this missions for enough time knowing that mostly the results won’t be satisfying in the first 3 months and during this time more than 90% of Entrepreneurs getting bored and give up.
  3. Bad product: you may do all of this but your items or products are bad or not attractive and little people want to buy it. Make sure that your product attractive and sellable
  4. Non-professional or bad online store: if your online store was slow, non-professional, not attractive or some errors appear on it that will slow you down and will be an obstacle for achieving your goal. Make sure that you store professional and ready

So, what should I do for now!

  1. Select your products, you can use drop shipping or other ways to provide you with products if you haven’t products read this article with its satisfying explanation about getting products from Aliexpress
  2. Create your own professional online store
  3. Start execution of the marketing plan.

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