10 Ideas For Checkout Counter To Boost Your Retail Store Sales


When was the last time you look at the checkout counter? No, I don’t mean cleaning up or have the counter well organized it’s a way beyond this.

Did you know that your retail store checkout counter can be used to boost up your sales ? Herein will tell you about 10 great ideas that you can use to boost your sales.

1. Impulse buys

Dedicate a space at the checkout counter to display items that your store shoppers can by quickly on their way out.

A survey by CreditCards.com found that 84 percent of shoppers purchase some items when they are in their way out from retail stores.

So, what are the best items for impulse buying?

Any small products and self-explained items can be used to encourage impulse buy. Simply a small product that sell itself!

Here are some examples

  1. Accessories for your merchandise
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Seasonal products such as (Christmas)
  4. Toys for kids
  5. Snacks & drinks
  6. Generic items such as (Batteries, Car chargers. Mobile phone covers, etc..)

So, if you have a store for Mobile phones you can add some beautiful mobile covers and practical car chargers at your counter to impulse buy!

2. Make it a piece of art

I have no doubt that you have invested a lot to have a unique and beautiful displaying windows for your products and your store fixtures, so why don’t you invest in your counter.

A piece of Art Checkout Counter will definitely boost your sales. Check this example.

checkout counter

3. Let your shoppers digitally browse your products

In this digital world people love to browse products online and they get used to do it , So why don’t you take advantage of this at your retail store.

All you need to do this is a Tablet like an IPad and a beautiful online shop , Oh! Don’t worry building a beautiful online store is no longer a complicated or an expensive task it’s very simple.


Once you have your online store up and running just display your online store home page on the IPad and place it over the counter table.

Check out the below example

checkout counter

4. Add TV screens behind the checkout counter

Adding a TV screen at the checkout counter will make a great look at your store , but not only this you can use these TV screens to display videos about your brand , or display latest offers or simply you can display your online store home page showing the rotating slide show.

checkout counter

5. Make some good lighting at the Checkout Counter

Having the check-out counter well-lit is essential so why don’t you use lighting to add a great look to your retail store checkout counter.


6. Add some plants

Plants are probably the most beautiful and affordable things that you can add to your retail store and adding some plants at the counter is a great idea.

checkout counter

7. A modern POS system

Pick a modern POS system that can work on Tablets this will add a great look to your checkout counter and will make sales faster and easier.checkout counter

8. Encourage social shares

Social media AND social media!! We probably live now in the world of social media its an essential part or your marketing activities.

One of the most effective ways to encourage social shares is to add a post cards at the counter asking your shoppers to share photos or moments with your products on social media channels.

9. Make it seasonable

Don’t keep your counter with the same look all the time, applying seasonable look to your counter is really important as part of your retail store.

10. Charities effort

Charities effort

Charities is a part of your business social responsibilities your counter is the best place to promote your charities effort at your retail store.

Add a glass donation box or a card to promote your Charities effort


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